Most Useful Android Apps

[Update, May 2015]

I use a Samsung Note 3, recently firmware updated to Android v5.0.

Apps that I find most useful and use on a daily basis include:

  • GTasks (Google Tasks; syncs with Tasks on the PC, etc)
  • Torch
  • Evernote (and Skitch)
  • Drive
  • Maps
  • Alarm Clock Plus
  • Chrome
  • Inbox
  • SwiftKey keyboard

Not on a daily basis, but useful:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Quora
  • Dropbox
  • Stack Exchange
  • Google Translate
  • Camera360
  • Wikipedia
  • Exercise
    • Nike Running
    • 7 Minute
    • Workout Trainer
    • JEFIT
    • Abs
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Easy Uninstaller
  • Security
    • Lookout
    • Lastpass
  • Misc
    • Android Wear
    • Contacts Optimizer
    • xe currency
    • Gravity screen
    • S Planner


Very useful app- ASTRO File Manager – as one can backup all existing installed apps onto the SD card and (re)install them from there..
Also realize that apps that sync data online are the way to go..

So, among my Best Android Apps are:
Built-in: Contacts (w/ gmail), gmail, (google) calendar,
Sync: 3Banana, twitdroid.
LBS: GPS Status, MyTracks, Compass, SnapPhoto,
Misc: ASTRO, Useful Switchers, ToggleBlu

More to follow…

Ok, an update (6 Oct ’09):


Internal Memory Widget : useful to see how much space remains on internal flash (as all apps get installed there).

MoonPhase : as it says, and really done nicely.

Retro Clock & Date : …neat.

PowerManager : wow. Just what the doc ordered; really helps when your batt is low… of course you can create/edit power profiles. A must!

LastPass : the final word on “not having to remember those damned username/password pairs ever again”! Love it! Make sure you use it in Firefox/IE as well…

MyBackup : looks good, have yet to test restore…

Proxoid: I use this to tether my phone to the PC so I can browse via the phone’s GPRS conection…
works well on Linux!

ContactSender : Very unfortunately, Android (& it seems Linux-based phones in general) can’t seem to understand the Vcard protocol for sharing contacts (hope I’m wrong here, pl tell me if so!). So this guy at least lets you conveniently send an SMS to someone w/ the contact info you pick.

Quick Uninstall

SkyMap : wow. Trust google.

Wapedia : really fast wikipedia browser, good no-nonsense UI too.

ToddlerLock : awesome for small kids who can’t keep their paws off!

ShopSavvy :

Wikitude : both Wows! A little over the top but hey it’s the future dude!

Know of other awesome apps? Pl comment now!


2 thoughts on “Most Useful Android Apps”

  1. Kaiwan,
    While its good to share what you think are the best apps on android, i’d suggest you also first define what you mean by best.

    Low mem. footprint? Intuitive UI? Easy access??


    1. Kaizer,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Yup fair enough… my view is a simple one: just sharing the apps I use most for their *sheer usefulness* in a regular day!

      Just updated it as well…


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