Motorola and Android Newly Weds

Well, it was bound to happen, everyone knows that.

Now it’s “official”.

Motorola is newly wed to the Android platform.

They’ve put up a nice aggregate (tutorials, etc) site.

So far, I have not (personally) seen/used a really great Android phone (or device). In the hardware sense of course (the software platform simply rocks!). I mean, the camera on the G1 (I use the ADP1, completely equivalent) is terrible when I compare it with a Nokia N-series phone, for example…

I think this limitation will now be addressed: Samsung already has an Android smartphone out, now Motorola looks set to release one this year; interestingly, Motorola definitely seems to be looking to leverage the vast open-source community already around the Android platform via their developer site. Good going! -much much nicer than what they did at first with their (early) Motorola-Linux platform(s).

We wish them luck. The more the merrier. The better it gets- for Android, the OEMs, and of course, us.


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