Android’s already looking successful; but …

Android’s steaming ahead.

Yup. Pretty much a given..

Google says we’ll easily have around 18 Android ‘phones by year end.

Please read this excellent NY Times article first (opens in a new window), and then continue here, if it so pleases you…

Well, I don’t know about you but am a bit taken aback by (Google’s) Andy Rubin’s statement regarding the three options that handset OEMs and wireless carriers have.

In effect, the first options says (and I’d love someone to correct me if i’m reading it wrong here)- take it completely free but don’t touch (preload) our (Google) apps; the second “small strings” option says- sign a distribution agreement with us and all’s cool. Hmm, can we see this agreement? Third option “no-censorship” aka “The Google Experience” phones- so, looks like there is after all, a Google Phone 🙂 . Right? I mean, Google logo on the device and all.

Initially my impression was that Google is indeed trying to “distance” itself from the platform. “Hey, it’s open- we built it, now do what you like okay”. Now that, apparently, looks to be not-so-true.

Still, this is not necessarily “a bad thing”. Okay Google is (starting to) leveraging it’s considerable strength with Android. It’s still an open platform. Yes. But… one just wonders..

Well, we’ll wait and see…
hope to keep you posted!


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