Linux Kernel Online and Book Resources collection

Working on the Linux kernel is challenging stuff, no doubt about that. Thus, the hunt for good technical articles, documentation, tips and gotchas on the subject quickly becomes part and parcel of the kernel developer’s work. This page is an attempt to collate and aggregate quality online (and offline – book lists) about the Linux kernel. It’s certainly not  the first and won’t be the last such attempt. Nevertheless, hope you find it useful! Kindly comment and let me know what I inadvertently missed out. Here goes:

  • Perhaps the best all-in-one or starting point website to begin digging up practical (and theoretical) information on the Linux kernel: 

The Wikipedia “Portal:Linux” page linuxportal

$ make { htmldocs | pdfdocs | psdocs | rtfdocs }
Note that for the above to work you might need to install additional text / doc processing tools.
(Reproduced below for convenience)

Documentation – Text files in the kernel source tarball’s Documentation sub-directory.

  • htmldocs – Kernel Documentation maintained in docbook format (output of “make htmldocs”).
  • Menuconfig – help text for each kernel configuration option (from kconfig source).
  • README various README files scattered around Linux kernel source
  • RFC – List of IETF RFCs referred to by kernel source files. Links to both the text of the RFC and the source files that refer to it.
  • Output of kernel’s “make help”.

Standards documents applicable to the Linux kernel

Videos worth watching

Other web pages containing kernel documentation and articles / books of interest

Translations to other languages

Documentation on memory management


Page maintained by Rob Landley, rob at landley dot net.


  • Finding it difficult to keep up with Linux? You’re not alone buddy!


That’s exactly why you need to read the (Linux Weekly News) weekly! Edited by Jon Corbet

A very well documented set of articles on the very cutting edge of the Linux kernel (and other areas).

Free biweekly embedded systems newsletter, now in its 15th year, with over 200 issues released. No hype, just down to earth embedded talk, hints, tricks and ideas about better ways to build embedded systems. … Check out the back issues of The Embedded Muse.”

In general, a good resource – “The Mine of Information – Nuggets of Programming and Linux”.

Linux Graphics and Video

Some more documentation that I’ve attempted to categorize under various heads:

A List of Debugging Tools (and Techniques)

for the serious systems programmer on the Linux OS: I’ve compiled a list as a separate post here.

GNU/Linux Toolchains

Toolchains from Code Sourcery – now a part of Mentor Graphics – for various architectures available here:

Porting, BSP

Resources on porting from 2.4 to 2.6 (or 3.x) Linux kernels:


Kernel Initialization

Kernel Hacking / Misc

  • Another most FAQ: how exactly does one go about Linux kernel development and becoming a kernel developer / hacker? First read (from the kernel source tree):



Best Best Practices Ever


I maintain a set of lists on Amazon of what I feel are the best books on the subject (what subjects? Linux – Basics, Systems Programming, Kernel Internals, Embedded Linux, Debugging techniques – , what else!). Please do have a look: Kaiwan Billimoria’s Listmania! Book Lists on Amazon

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